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Just one mature soul, with spiritual understanding and a profound knowledge of the Faith, can set a whole country ablaze-so great is the power of the Cause to work through a pure and selfless channel.

Full Dawn-Breakers as PDF Document for Printing

A few days ago I heard that, once again, the Dawn-Breakers is out of print. ARRGH!

Note: The US Publishing Trust has rectified this situation in an amazingly speedy manner. Great job guys!

I think the Dawn-Breakers is one of the most challenging and neglected gifts from Shoghi Effendi to the Baha'i community. More than a book of history, Shoghi Effendi suggested that this book should be viewed as a book of meditation which would "impel" us to arise in action. No other activity is so strongly linked to motivating spiritual action as is studying this book. "Knowing the life of those heroes" he promised "will create in us the urge to follow their footsteps and achieve the same."

"The life of those who figure in it is so stirring that everyone who reads those accounts is bound to be affected and impelled to follow their footsteps of sacrifice in the path of the Faith. The Guardian believes, therefore, that it should be studied by the friends, especially the youth..." (for Shoghi Effendi, 1933)

Perhaps we're still too close to Shoghi Effendi to fully appreciate his many gifts. But someday that will change and then we're going to need lots of copies of this precious book. To that end, here is a high resolution PDF scan of the book. Yes, the files are huge, but that's because it's a 600dpi grayscale scan with each page manually cleaned, cropped and deskewed. When printed to full letter sized (as below) it makes a truly beautiful textbook for your study classes and summer school courses.

The Dawn-Breakers, Part I.pdf - Chapters 1-18 - 115 MB

The Dawn-Breakers, Part II.pdf - Chapters 19-26 - 108 MB

The Dawn-Breakers.pdf - Complete Book, chapters 1-26 - 223 MB

This is best printed double-sided, spiral-bound with card-stock and vinyl cover. Make sure to find a cheap print shop that charges no more than $.03/page. Printing and binding at Staples, for example, is 17 cents per page plus $10 for binding -- for a total of $88 per book -- Ouch!! We're currently trying at 2.3 cents per page for a total of about $23 for both parts with vinyl covers and wire loop binding.

I'm still looking for an on-demand printing service to simplify this for study groups and summer schools. Anyone have suggestions?

How to Order books for your Study Class or Summer School

Ordering from "Best Value Copy",

Here is what I've just done as an experiment, I'll post how it works out.

1) go to

We need to print the Dawn-Breakers in two parts since it is just too big to print in one part using standard 20# paper and loose binding. We'll therefore repeat the entire ordering process twice, once for each part.

2) enter # of copies (in my test run, 6)

3) enter # of pages, part I has 411 pages (which makes 206 sheets)

4) enter job name "Dawn-Breakers Part I"

click "Next"

5) Select Copy Type options:
Black and White, Double Sided, 8.5x11", 20# White Bond, (Paper Color: Ivory)

click "Next"

6) Select Finishing options:
Collated, no Folding, no Stapling/Drilling,
Wire Binding, Clear Front Cover, Vinyl Back cover

7) Upload empty.pdf (here's one:

8) Add new job to cart

9) enter # of copies (6)

10) enter # pages: 365 (It's just a little bit smaller than part I)

11) enter job name "Dawn-Breakers Part II"

12) Repeat steps 5,6,7

13) Enter shipping and credit card information

14) under comments, paste this text:


* On both books, the first page (after the clear cover) should be green cardstock with the first page of the PDF copied or printed onto it.

* Preferably, the clear cover sheet should be frosted

* Preferably, the back vinyl sheet should be black

* The two books (part I and part II) are in the following PDF files (411 pages and 365 pages respectively):

That's it, the order should come in a few days

Total: $131.57, free shipping, for about $23 for each full set

Result: Summer School textbook ready: